Pilots' licences for both Aeroplanes and Helicopters are covered under Overseas Territories Aviation Requirement (OTAR) Part 61 and include Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (ATPL), Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL), and Private Pilot's Licence (PPL). OTAR Part 63 covers Flight Engineer licences. Eligibility requirements and privileges for each type of licence and instructor ratings are included together with detail on Type Ratings and Instrument Ratings.

Medical requirements for Flight Crew are detailed in OTAR Part 67.

Requirements for the validation of a flight crew licence can also be found in OTAR Parts 61 and 63. Validation enables a pilot to fly an OT registered aircraft using a licence and medical certificate issued by another ICAO Contracting State.

A variety of licences for commercial and private flying are available based on the skills and experience of the pilot and the type of flights that they wish to undertake.

All pilots require some form of medical certificate or declaration. Extra ratings can be endorsed and most licences require a certain level of flying over a set period to maintain currency.

Foot Launched Powered Hang-gliders and Para-gliders (that meet certain criteria) and Unpowered Hang-gliders and Para-gliders do not require a licence from the TCICAA. Foot launched powered aircraft must have a stall speed or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration not exceeding 35 knots calibrated airspeed and a maximum unladen mass, including full fuel, of 70kgs. Powered Paragliders are also known as Paramotors.

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