Provision for Passengers

Carrier Identity and Community List of Banned Airlines

Regulation  sets out requirements concerning the provision of clear information to passengers in relation to the identity of the air carrier they are due to travel with. The Regulation also states that air carriage contractors and airport operators are required to make available, both on their website.  

Price Transparency

Regulation states that in order for customers to effectively compare fare prices with different airlines, air carriers and air carriage contractors are required to indicate clearly, at all times, the final price of an air fare, inclusive of all taxes, charges and fees.

Denied Boarding, Cancellation and Delay

Regulation sets out a number of rules on the level and nature of compensation and assistance to be provided to passengers in the event of their being adversely effected by overbooking, flight cancellation or long delay.

Passengers of Reduced Mobility

Regulation sets out the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air. The Regulation includes detailed guidance on the level of service passengers can expect to receive, including assistance from arrival at the departure airport, onboard the aircraft and, depending on location, assistance at the destination airport. Responsibility for the provision of this assistance is shared between air carriers and airports.

Air Carrier Liability

Regulation set out various requirements concerning air carrier obligations to passengers in the event of damage or loss of baggage and injury or death of passengers. Amongst these requirements are set levels of compensation to cover such events, as well as further requirements for the time in which individual payments must be made following an incident.

Foreign Carriers - Aviation Permits

Before operating to, from or within the Turks and Caicos Islands, all foreign registered aircraft must be in possession of an operating permit. This requirement extends to all scheduled and non-scheduled passenger and cargo charters that are not covered by the provisions of the Turks and Caicos Islands market access regulations, and to flights carrying out aerial work (e.g. photography, parachuting, flight training).

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