Flight Operations

The requirements for flight operations are laid down in the Air Navigation(Overseas Territories) Order.

The means of compliance with the AN(OT)O are variously contained in:
  • Part 5 Protection of Crew
  • Part 6 Aircraft in Flight
  • Part 7 Operations of Aircraft|
  • Part 9 Air Operator Certification

These OTARs are supported by aviation circulars OTACs providing further guidance on the requirements. The OTAR section of the site explains the status and operations of OTARS & OTACs in greater detail and contains the most up to date versions of the various documents for you to download.

The regulations of flight operations activities has moved away from away from the traditional prescriptive modular approach to a more systemic approach in line with the approach of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the International Air Transport Association. This was facilitated by the introduction of Quality Management System in commercial flight Operations organization, and will be enhanced in the near future with the introduction of the requirement for Safety Management System.

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